Sunday, 14 February 2010

Anouncing my OWOH winners....

My winners are........... drum roll please....... tum ti.. tum. tum. tum

It has been so lovely taking part in this adventure ... Thank you all for visiting, and your kind words, I truly appreciate all your messages.

All of your names were put in a huge cardboard box, they were shaken....not stirred.. of course... then as I pulled out the wining ticket holders.... The magic was still in the air.... I had three that tagged along.. got hooked onto the winners.... they were so desperate to win......... what could I do?
I decided to add '3' more 'surprises' to my giveaways. So I now have 'six' lucky winners......... Well to be honest I think that we are all winners (gifts or no gifts) by just taking part and making new friends.

My winners are......... drum roll again please.....

Papillon Bleu

Little box

Lino prints



Angi Gallanos - Surprise
A mermaid in the attic - Surprise
Jo - Surprise

I have left messages for you all.


  1. Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!Julie! I am so happy!!!!!
    I love this box so much! and just when I am about to prepare my Alice in Wonderland post!
    Thank you! thank you! thank you!

  2. Wow - congratulations to ALL those lucky winners. :) I am sure they will be quite delighted.

  3. Congratulations to all the lucky winners.

  4. You very generous curious person 8-)

    Lovely boat work BTW


  5. Hi Julie,
    Wow, how lovely! I got your second message, and have replied with my address. Now that it's all over I'm going to have a nice relaxing wander around your blog, because the small bits I've seen look oh so very intriguing and inviting!

    xxx Christina

  6. Hi Julie,

    Here is the link for the online clay workshops.

    Marie is great. If you need more help signing up please contact me and I would be glad to help!

    Dena TAJ


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