Saturday, 23 January 2010

Well here come the rest of the girls...All of them

Here go's......Artist takes a deep breath. This is going to be a very long post, so make yourself comfortable and I shall begin.......

"Hello, It's my turn to introduce the next fishy lady"
. Said the fish posing on the theatre stage, smiling at the camera, hoping to get noticed by a film producer no doubt. "I don't want to be photographed." Said the sweet fish peeping from behind the theatre. "Come on it's your turn, you must be photographed otherwise how will everyone know about you, and want to buy you?" "I don't want to live anywhere else.......... and what does buy mean?

The fish turned tail and carefully walked on her shell feet, I just caught a shot of her before she disappeared.

Oh my.......what has changed your mind, my fishy lady? "Well." Said the fish. "I didn't understand, but now it's been explained, I should like to live somewhere else with a new family, it could be fun". We'll there's a turn around, you have changed your mind quite quickly, what did the other fish say?........ "I'm not telling you artist, it's too embarrassing." ....... 'Go on, do tell?'.... Asked the artist.

"There might be other fish in the new pond!" With her cheeks turning pink, the little lady posed for her photographs, turning this way and that, showing her shells and her brickwork, her little blue blanket and her apron's ribbons being gently blown in the breeze.

"I'll blow you a kiss if you like." Said the fish....... Now that's a bit much. Said the artist I didn't make my girls to be so, she paused 'forthcoming', you know.

"The stowaways said that I might get a boyfriend if I blow some kisses". Said the little fish. The artist didn't know what to say... speechless.

"It's your turn, go on hurry up," She said nudging the next fish into line. "I must get back to the cupboard to tell everyone about my news 'I'm going to get a boyfriend....I'm going to get a boyfriend....I'm going to get a boyfriend.........." And off she went happily singing away to herself.

"What's going on. What is happening? Who is that singing?" The stowaways were quite worried by all the noise. "Can we get out now?" Asked the youngest one.
"I'm not sure we'll just have to wait and see if the coast is clear".

"What's the time? Can anyone tell me the time please, I have trouble looking at my watch, can anyone help?..........
The seagulls just swept past on the sea breeze and said nothing.

'It's a minute or two before 5 pm'. Said the artist. "I can't hear you...... What time did you say......What are you saying artist... Repeat yourself please?" Asked the fish.
The artist smiled as she took her photographs, she had put flowers in the fishes ears, because she kept complaining of the noise while being painted, the artist had had her radio was on rather loudly.

'Have you calmed down now fish? Despite your grumpiness I have managed to take some lovely photographs of you this morning'. The artist spoke to the fish in a loud but soft voice, she told her the time again, this time she could hear. 'It's a couple of minutes to 5pm according to your watch.' "Thank you so much my dear, I must be getting a little deaf..... Have you shown my feathery fins and the painting of my home ...... and the beautiful beach?"

Yes said the artist and your little boots look fantastic too.

"I'm on top of the World.............. Well on top of the artists theatre anyway"

"It's your turn now fish... now don't go waving your flag too much, you'll fall off of that theater roof." The fish was so worried. "Will you get her down artist?" Yes of course I will.... the artist gently lifted the fish off of the roof and put her on the stage.

"That's right, get up on the stage, it is so much safer than the roof..... you stay there now..... and I'll make my way back to the cupboard". The fish left worrying in case the girl with the flag was going up to the roof again.

"This isn't any fun! I want to be up on the roof to wave my flag.... I'm the last fish to be photographed and I want to celebrate."

Now, now my flag waving friend we need to take your photographs, I want to get a picture of your beautiful quilt and your planking looks good 'Is your patch holding out OK? Asked the artist. "Yes I'm quite water tight the waves just lap around my hull, I'm quite dry".

Now a couple from above I think, stand still, I want everyone to see your flag and the little had that I made for you, a tribute to one of your famous presidents, as I know that you have connections across the pond......

'Now just one of your stern please'. Asked the artist. "Show everyone the Liberty flame and my sweetheart"......... You look amazing my fishy friend and you being the last of my girls get the last smile of the day.

No, not that one, your hardly dressed in that photograph, come on young lady let's stop mucking about.

'Just perfect'... Said the artist. 'You look beautiful'.

Well every one I apologise for such a long post, that's all of my girls...There is just 9 of them in this shoal, they are one of a kind, never to be copied or repeated, they are all made of cloth and clay. I make them all from start to finish.........the initial drawings and patterns to the last coat of varnish.

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of them please drop me a line on my email.


  1. You make them from start to finish? I thought it was from star to fish...
    It is a lovely colourful post!

  2. OK now I am beyond curious about you...

  3. Oh my goodness - these are amazing! So much detail...and originality. Its hard to imagine they are made of cloth and clay - I would have guessed wood.
    Great work!

  4.! I have been gone a while but I just can't belive how you have made sooo many amazing beautiful fish! A vision that you captured in your head...and look at all of the lovely, amazing results! They are truly precious beyond words! I'm inspired! xx

  5. Your imagination and creativity astounds me!

    Wow! Wow! and Wow!

    These are all amazing!


  6. Your work is wonderful. i will be coming ack for further visits. So glad to have found your blog xJ

  7. This makes me want to recite a Fishy poem by the Monty pythons But I'm shy :-)

  8. I can FEEL a storybook coming along !!!! don't sell them x

  9. Hello Julie
    It was lovely to see you and your special friends today. I so enjoyed it. Sue Parker


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