Saturday, 23 January 2010

First I must explain........

I am so sorry that it's taken me so long to introduce the rest of my girls, I do have a good excuse, a few days ago I decided to stop drinking tea as I was beginning to drink far to much may be a dozen cups a day, tooooo.. much so at the beginning of the week I decided to go cold turkey, and gave it up completely! WHAT A HEADACHE I HAVE HAD!!!!! A BLINDER. There has to be a good outcome... I just haven't got it yet, just this amazing headache.

The good thing is today I haven't got the headache, my conclusion, my poor body what have I been doing to it.. to complain so much when I didn't drink the tea. So I have decided to be caffeine free for 'TWO WEEKS' then to only drink tea/coffee when with company. That should cut back my consumption dramatically, and I should reap some benefits....... whatever they may be???? ...... Clear younger looking skin, weight loss, bright eyes, sleep better......... I can but wish.

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  1. Caffeine withdrawal can cause a real humdinger of a headache. I used to drink waaaaay too much coffee and when I switched to only having one regular cup in the morning and then the rest decaf, I had a heck of a headache for almost a week. I totally sympathise with what you went through.


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