Sunday, 3 January 2010

"It's your turn now"...... said the little fish.

There was a slight tremor to her voice, she didn't look up into the eyes of the next fish as she was a bit scared, she had over heard in the cupboard that there were some strange creatures wrapped around her tail, that hissed.......she wasn't sure about this so she decided to err on the side of caution.... and hurried away...the serpents just hissed but said nothing,
"I think that that little fish is a bit frightened of me, artist.... what is it that worries her?"
Well.. said the artist..... It's like this, I wasn't sure how to paint your tail, at the time I was looking through a very old book about mythology and found a print of some serpents, which I thought were quite amazing. That's how you got your tail painted with two entwined serpents, then I thought it might be amusing to add some human ones into your 'hull' looking out.........
The fish lifted her head up and smiled a secret smile........"Is that all" she said,
"I have several people living in my hull, how they all fit in I shall never know, they haven't got a lot of room in there.... are they stowaway's?...... are they frightened of the serpents too?" she asked.
No, they are not frightened, just curious, like you and I......... 'I must say that your ships wheel turned out rather grand'. The artist changed the subject as the fish seemed a little concerned about all of the people living below decks.
"I am pleased with my scales, you did a good job with the colours, artist, but as for my sock's......... well!..................... what were you thinking about, I know that the colours are right for me, but stripes!" The fish had raised her voice is amazement ....."And human feet too".....
Well my friend, the sock's were an idea from a cereal packet,(the one's which snap, crackle and know the rest) and as for your feet, that's just how the clay formed in my hands that morning... 'I think that they suit you very well. "I suppose so" said the fish...turning this way and that, having a careful look at her feet......she laughing "they are quite amusing aren't they?"
The fish posed for another few photo's looking quite glamorous, her feathery fins waved in the breeze that suddenly entered the conservatory that afternoon...... my son had left the door open as he went into the shed........ born in a barn.... a saying that comes to mind....... It's........... freezing!

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  1. Hi Sweet Julie
    That means boatbuilding.. Building boats :-)
    Thanks for your comment..


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