Saturday, 2 January 2010

A new introduction

"Hello...........Its me again" said the harlequin fish. "I now have the pleasure of introducing you to this little girl, she is a bit shy and doesn't talk very much......... a little timid, is how the artist describes her."


"I have not been given a name yet but I quite like the idea of patch....or bright eyes... blue blanket..maybe fan see my artist is in total disagreement she says that I should be called something like Audry or Maude". The little fish was chatting away to herself discussing what name she would like to be christened, none of the other fish were interested... so she continued on in her own sweet way hoping that someone would take notice, or at least have an opinion.
Little fish, could you now turn to the left...... that's perfect, you are such a cute little girl. "No one is listening to me, turn to the right she says.... turn to the left, she is so busy trying to take the photographs in this chilly conservatory before it gets too dark.........if only my artist would listen a little more carefully".
The little fish doesn't realize that I can hear all what she says and that I understand her worries, even as I was drawing out her pattern, cutting her out carefully, slowly stitching and adding the paperclay, I new she would be a timid little one. Then as I painted her with big blue eyes, I gave her a comfort blanket, so that she wouldn't be to scared in the dark.

Now lets show your patch as I know that you are very proud of how that turned out.. there, that's perfect. "Did you show my patch..... I love my patch... can you see my shell fins.... and my feathery tail.......... my planking" The little fish was getting a little excited .....
...Now my timid one, just one of that sweet smile and little nose and then we are nearly done........ don't wiggle too much......... there, that wasn't so bad was it. "My artist continued chatting away to me, I was beginning not to know which way to turn".... Now, one from above ........ "I am getting very cold and quite tired doing this photo shoot, I'd rather be snuggled under my blanket in my pond or as the human one's describe it ........ display cabinet".
Time to go back to your pond.... say goodbye little one
Too late she's off.........

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