Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Fish - The introduction's continue

"Well, hello there........ what a shabby looking camera you have there"........ The fish said looking straight into my camera. "I thought this was a 'proper photo shoot, with 'lights' and 'cameras' , not some artist who thinks that now she has created us that she can now take photographs too....." The new fish was a little bit disgruntled. Now come on fish, your not allowing me to get you in the right light, your too close, and you haven't powdered your nose, it's all shiny, please play the game let me take your photo's properly and allow the previous lady to introduce you.
It seem's that there were to be no formal introductions....... this time.

'Come on you two let's get on with it then, it's too cold to mess around'. The artist was speaking in a firm voice and insisted that they all hurry up and get into position, I'll photograph you from above, how does that sound to you both?

"Perfect", everyone said together, what a chorus, so many voices all at once..... The two fish, all of the people in the serpent fish. 'Were there 5 or 6?....... no definitely 7', and the soldiers on the back of the next fish, they were so loud when they all spoke together...... 'What a lot of noise' said the artist, trying to hurry in the freezing conditions.

"This is quite a serious business". Said one of the soldiers. "Concentrate man....oh! and fish, lets get into position, left, right, left, left a bit more"....... The fish was quite used to taking orders from her two old soldiers, she waddled along on her webbed feet until she had got into the correct position. "Show off the ramparts........... watch those waves..... steady on now...........we could get swamped." The old soldiers were discussing maneuvers. When the fish shouted.....
"STOP!" Shouted the fish. "Someone has taken the pocket watch out of my pocket . WHO could have done it?... was it one of you two at the back there"? She sounded so worried. "Please don't rock me about too much it will slide off of the wall into the sea, if that happens..... we shall never know when it's time for tea". Every one was still... until all was steady..... and the waves had calmed a little...........the thought of missing their tea was too much for all of them.

Now you lot, have you all stopped miss-behaving? I need to take one more photograph before I freeze, you need to turn to the right if you don't mind... that's perfect. "Can you see the beautiful view from my window". Asked the fish. "Is the window hooked up high enough?
Its a great picture, fish. Said the artist. " It's of my last holiday". Said the fish. The view is just lovely, said the artist, and your scales are looking particularly good today.

The fish blushed and said "Have you shown the heart on my bottom?"........ Another day perhaps, said the artist.......... its time for me to go to bed.

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  1. These fish are becoming more and more intriguing. Do'nt tell them the lake is frozen because they might get ideas of skating. Keep warm. carol


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