Sunday, 17 January 2010

Fishy update

"Hi meet my friend. Like all the rest of us she has no name as yet. If anyone has any suggestions our artist is open to all ideas on this matter as she is still in a quandary about what to call us.

This friend of mine, she is in such a pickle, well you'll see, she apparently started of as one fish, 'the artist' thought she'd try something different, she had been drawing a shoal of fish in her sketch book and thought that she might be able to work with that idea...... I can't explain anymore than that, you'll have to make up your own minds, personally I love her......she is my friend."

'Well come on girls, lets get a move on with this photo shoot, it's still very cold and I want to get this job completed by the end of the week'. The artist sounded a little impatient this morning.

'That is a lovely pose my fishy girls, are you all alright inside that hull there'? The stowaways looked a little surprised to be confronted by a human one. "Yes we are 'all' fine said the fish, and the stowaway's, we seem to have just one small problem, we have an extra sailor and only his legs are visible, can you check that he's OK?" Asked the fish.

'I think that he is fine' said the artist as she continued with her photographs, knowing full well that she had only added the extra legs as a bit of fun. 'Now come on girls lets take a look at your anchor and ropes'. "The artist is keen to get on this morning, she has things to do....... ironing and such like the stuff that only the human one's bother with". The fish whispered to everyone in and outside of her hull.
"That's it artist, show everyone my oars and scales, you made quite a good job of those, even if I say so myself.......... the sailors socks are quite jaunty aren't they artist".'Yes they are, just like yours, jaunty. The artist smiled.

'We are nearly finished young lady, just one from above and I think that we shall be done'. Said the artist.

"How is that artist". Said the fish smiling her sweetest smile...... 'Just perfect'.


  1. Wow....this is an incredible piece! You are very talented...I love it!

  2. The artist is SO right...."Just Perfect!"

    Love it!

  3. So much detail and they know they are perfect (which they are) Love em.


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