Sunday, 17 January 2010

West Mersea, Waiting for the Ferryman

Yesterday in the sunshine we walked along the beach, so many people about, we are like birds, enjoying the weather, fluffed up and facing the sun.

We went into a ships chandlers, so full of exciting stuff, cleats, stripy ropes, hooks and everything waterproof, including coats. I was lost, overtaken with 'what could I use that for' and what is 'tarred hemp' how can I use that?....... good job that my other half had met someone he knows so while they chatted... sorry ...had a discussion ... about lines and rigging... I was making mental notes... I hope I can remember them all...

At the boat yard there were some amazing shapes and colours, the battery on the camera deserted me and once again I was wishing that I'd got my sketch book.

Lessons to be learned -
- Always check battery in camera
- Take sketch book on walks.

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  1. Both your lessons to be learned are ones that I still have not learned - no matter how many times I am out and realize I have forgotten one, the other, or both!



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