Sunday, 8 November 2009

We have been on holiday to.....

'Another Place'

How can I explain this experience, as we walked through a very wet and soggy car-park along an even wetter and muddier walk-way (the builders are working on the sea defences) up and over a ridge to look down onto the beach at Crosby bay, Liverpool. As you can see from my photographs it was a pale blue and lilac grey day.

My first view of the installation was of just a head and shoulders, a man walking out into the bay, as I turned and looked along this vast expanse of sand these 'men' were all gently looking out to sea, we had the whole exhibition virtually to ourselves, the beach was very quiet
(not many walkers on a wet and windy November morning) just a few people with their dogs.

Although I had seen pictures of 'Another Place' nothing could of prepared me for the beauty of this work and all of the questions that it was asking me, my pictures only begin to explain what I felt, and the profound effect it has had on me.

(If you open up this picture you can see the wind farm far into the distance)

(If you open up this picture you can see more of the figures spread out along the beach)

The installation consists of 100 identical solid cast iron body forms which face out to sea, they are revealed as the tides ebb and flow and I'm sure must change with the weather conditions.... I would love to see them on an incoming tide at the height of a storm snuggled up with a thermos and waterproofs.

They stand along the bay at Crosby Sands, its about a 2 mile/3km walk (which we did in the wind and rain with no hat or waterproofs).

Each of the figures is 6' 2½" tall, and weighs in at an amazing 1400 lbs/650kg.

The figures are taken from an original cast of Gormleys' own body.... and a fine figure of a man he is, I might add.

We have had the most amazing few days staying in the Peak District National Park. (more about that next time)

Just one regret ............. not to have see them



  1. Wow amazing! Wonderful photos! The sculptures are something how very interesting. A great idea I think! Wish our beaches had something like that!

    Your Grandchild is beautiful!

  2. How very cool and erie! I bet it is amazing to see in person. I would especially like to see one of the statues at night with clear skies and a full moon! Nice photos!


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