Monday, 9 November 2009

I'm in love..........

Once there were a couple of (I was going to say middle aged people) lovers, that sounds much better, that went on a little break to the Peak District National Park and what did they see there? ..... you may well ask

A place that time and man had perhaps very slowly altered, but had never changed, the beauty of this wild and rugged place, the essence of the first travellers was still there.

As we sat up in bed (with a lovely cup of tea, I hasten to add) we looked out of the bedroom windows on this amazing view, a hill that looked like a sugar mountain with valleys that whispered stories to each other in the morning mists.

I began thinking of times long ago and of those who had travelled through this most beautiful of landscapes, ideas for my work came in droves, I am still making notes, such an inspirational place, so full of mystery and magic.

The clouds looked like the sea, waves racing across the sky , in a moment they would be gone...... on to other shores, places further afield.

These pictures are the view that we had from our bedroom windows at Braemar House Farm....... It couldn't get any better. could it?

I'm in love....... again


  1. Lots of walking memories of the peak district from my Lancashire days until I married and moved to Warwickshire. Enjoyed your blog.
    So pleased today, your comment on Ted (gazing) has got through jumble in the sky and bits in the computer to me. We have a watery grey with patches of blue sky today. I always try to imagine painting in watercolours the sky and I would find it very difficult to do today. So of for a walk instead. Take care carol.

  2. Lovely early morning photos of a beautiful place. Glad you enjoyed your break. Bfn. Lesley

  3. so mystical... can feel the love.

    came over from Lynne H's blog, thanks.

  4. Wow! Julie the photos are fantastic .
    That is one place I would love to visit
    one day. I can tell you and your family had a great time .


  5. I just tripped down the page... what a beautiful blog you have. -Jayne

  6. Oh Julie.. I wanted to write a comment yesterday..but but but :-)
    Your right I am working hard at the moment.. But I really want this to work. Want to be able to sell my things.. And it is going good for me..

    About the cones on my blog some days ago.. They are called "kræmmerhuse" in danish. These are made on hard cardboard.. see this link

    I used silkpaper and wallpaper glue and draped it around the cardboard cone.
    Then I added some old cakepaper etc. and gold gitter in the end..
    You can hang it up on the christmas tree or in a window or somewhere else in the house.
    See this link for inspiration :-)

    You put christmas branches or candy with paper around in them.. hope it is right spelled. Or you just leave them hanging.. They are an old tradition in Denmark where I am from.. here in Sweden they really do not know them so much.. oh yes ofcourse.. they remind them of Soft Ice.. LoL

    I just love your pictures.. It looks like a place I could live :-) just wonderfull.. very spirituel..

    hugs to you my friend..

  7. Where would I be without all my wonderful blogging friends. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your lovely comments, which I realy do appreciate.



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