Friday, 13 November 2009

"I'm 'naked' don't you know"

"I'm NOT dressed yet" said the fish...... blushing furiously (well she would if the artist painted in her pink cheeks)

"My artist is still deciding on my clothes, she'd better hurry up its getting very chilly round here, it might be better if she put me back in the muddy waters that she calls 'her imagination' ".

"As you can see she has made a start, but its raining here in Essex and I need some clothes" she murmured......

"Now the camera is doing silly things, she blames it on the camera... but I know its because she is a numpty where technology is concerned, she only has to ask me".

The fish was getting very grumpy, cold and naked, not only that, she had an artist that couldn't decide what to have for breakfast let alone what the fish was going to wear.

"Do you know how many times she has changed my outfit? I wonder if she is like this when she gets dressed?
Do all of you human ones have the same decision making problems?"
The fish continued moaning....

"For heavens sake GET ME DRESSED!"

The fish was really getting angry..........


  1. She's only be naked once! Enjoy it!-J

  2. Keep calm and carry on! Make the fish wait and have a cuppa.
    Can't be doing with bossy fish on a horizontal rain and gales day. After a morning of showing my 89 year old mum how to use the internet just had painting frenzy and finished a painting....I think.

  3. HA! will you please tell the fish that YES, there are many of us who have this indecision problem!!!

    oh i *so love* your art!! it just sings to me...


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