Saturday, 14 November 2009

'anthropomorphic fishy friends'

The fish was nervous introductions were not the done thing in the fishy world.

"My artist has made another of us curious fish or as she calls us her
'anthropomorphic fish'

She continued "let me introduce you ..... to...... oh I can't," she was almost in tears "we haven't been named yet". Feeling very sad and trying desperately to regain her composure, she continued "Let me instead show you the latest photo's that we have of ourselves together".

"Our artist is still deciding on our names, and 'OUTFITS'", still embarrassed about being in the altogether. "You human ones can't decide on the simplest of things, how do go get up in the mornings. how long can it take"?............"Could you all put on your thinking caps to help her?" the fish enquired.

What is going on? ... the human one asked the fish.

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