Sunday, 15 November 2009


Here are a few photographs that I took while on holiday in the Peak District the other week. These were all taken in a place called Leek.

This building as I understand is part of the local collage, what a fantastic tower.

This place amazed us, it was an old pub, which has as you can see, has seen better days and has been boarded up. Open up the photo and look at the arched windows on the left hand side, they are all held up with scaffold, it looks like they are folding in on themselves.
It looked to us like an amazing film set, with the right lighting it could be used in a horror movie, or the Munsters. I love the eerie light hitting the windows, I shall be giving myself nightmares at this rate.

On the down side, it is situated on a busy roundabout.

I love the old black and white houses, this one is a pub and its up for sale!

Look at the chimneys on this one.

A question now. Do any of you wonderful people know anything about this plaque? I don't know if its 1661 or 1861.

I'll let you know if I find anything out about

'The Amalgamated Society of Textile Workers and Kindred Trades'

What a fantastic name.

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