Monday, 12 October 2009

When is a fish not a fish?

When its having an identity crisis.....

I've been playing around with an idea lately, I remembered a television programme that I had watched many many years ago, (David Attenborough I think) any way, I was still at school so a very long time ago and it was about a fish that could walk on land and it ate insects, which totally fascinated and frightened me.

I had completely forgotten about this fish until the other day when I was doodling in my sketch book.

Well this idea has been going around and around in my head I was even beginning to dream about it as you know these ideas develop and with a walking fish in mind a few sketches later this fish with legs started to develop...... and its turned out completely wrong, but sometimes wrong can by chance, be right, if you get where I'm coming from.

The legs are in bad shape and the feet are more like something from a cartoon but everything can be rectified and with a lot of patience and some nerve racking moments we are getting there.

So with lots of patience and paperclay here is the beginning of a..........? Well, I have no idea who or what it will end up as.

This is after gesso, several undercoats and many changes to the design.. 17 at the last count.

It looks like its trying to get away..........

"no more changes please"
said the walking fish, trying to escape the studio

But of course there will be.. keep tuned to see what happens next.. more paint or the recycling bin.

I think the fish was called a mud-skipper or some such name.

Please leave a comment as I'm loosing the will to carry on.............. help I need imput.


  1. How absolutely wonderful! You are a creative genious in my opinion!

  2. Hi Julie
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.. ofcourse your in.. dobbel :-)

    I also get tirred sometimes of the blog writing.. and then it is time for a blog holiday.. :-)
    So maybe you need one of those?

    A fish with legs.. lol.. really artistic ;-)

    see you my friend..

  3. Oh Julie.. just saw your other comments..
    Actuallyi I did not have time to take photos of the other sellers.. and I really do not like to do that.. When some one takes pictures of my stuff, I always get a bit angry about that..
    I think they are trying to steal my ideas.. :-) But it was a market with swedish stuff.. I was like, one of my kind there :-D

    The giftcard was for a foodstore.. So now we do not have to pay for food the next 4 weeks.. that gives me some ekstra money, to spend on my self.. ofcourse :-)

    thanks for your sweet and caring comments..


    Ps. now I got to go up and make some more dolls.. yiha..

  4. I like the walking fish. Is he paddling into the water or out onto dry land? He looks as though he does not care which I like. carol.

  5. this one's waaaay outta my realm Julie....

    but, did want to stop in to say I'm glad somebody tried the loaf recipe...and that it was tasty.. I just unwrapped a frozen one yesterday and it is as good as the fresh version....mmmmm.....

  6. I love this idea! You should definitley stick with it...the shape is already gorgeous! Thanks for entering my give a way! : )

  7. Julie your mud-skipper is a great idea,
    it is a beautiful concept that you brought to
    life. You are a creative genious .


  8. Brilliant!
    Be-footed fish are extra special, just like you :)


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