Friday, 9 October 2009

Sketch book and Studio

A corner of my tiny messy studio

I was thinking last night that I just love looking at other artists sketchbooks and visiting their studio's, so I thought you might just like to have a little look at mine as it was yesterday. The mess is quite normal for a Thursday as on Friday afternoons I have good intentions to tidy up so that on Monday when I get down to some 'serious' work its reasonably tidy and ready to go....... well that's the plan, and as with all the best laid plans this sometimes goes arye, which is probably what will happen today as my daughter is coming over with the most beautiful boy in the world (my grandson) and as with all 22month old toddlers they take over the house totally, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

A view from my window

This work in the sketchbook is the stuff that is going around in my head this week, I have to sketch, to me its like writing a list, other people write shopping lists and my sketches are the equivalent, (I have to admit the grey matter is somewhat lacking these days) needless to say when I go shopping later this afternoon sketches are not of any use when I'm in Tesco's.

I hope you all have a good weekend and If anyone could help me out with a good recipe for a rich and spicy vegetarian and or beef Chili I would be forever grateful its for my 'All Hallow's Party' and I'm trying to get organised... I feel another list coming on.. I'd better write and not sketch this one.


  1. Thanks for your kind words! OOOh, i love the goodies in your etsy shop! Here is my ebay link;

    Have a great weekend! : )

  2. I enjoy looking at other artist studio :)
    your sketchbook pages are great .
    I need to use the one I have, it is blank
    at the moment :)
    I wish I had a chili recipe to give you but I don't sorry .


  3. Hey! I got here through the Cloth and Clay Dolls site. I can sure relate to sketching notes.
    I make my chili with ground turkey. Brown with a small chopped onion, throw in some chili powder, cumin, Herbamare (an organic seasoning salt) red pepper powder (cayene)chopped tomatoes, black beans... that's my "thrown together", non-recipe version.


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