Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tuesday and it's cool damp and lovely

Here are a couple more pictures of Sarah, I have borrowed my son's camera so hopefully the results are a little better.

I love this lady, there is an enigmatic quality about her, is she sad or is she observing us? she kept watching me while I was painting her and when her picture is hung in the house she becomes part of the family, a long lost sister, or maybe someone that used to live in this old house of ours.


This is another Icon picture that I'm working on its a slightly bigger canvas than that of late 18"x15" here is just a little peek of who is in the left hand corner.


  1. She is hauntingly beautiful. What a lovely face. Glad she has become part of your family!

  2. I love the mystery that Sarah invokes. What is she thinking? One could assign a number of emotions to her, and all would be true - she could be whatever you want her to be.

    Love this piece!

  3. Sarah is certainly beautiful and very evocative. I'm sure she will have a very soothing effext in your life.

    Thank you for your recent good wishes. We are now back from our trip and trying to catch up. Unfortunately I've left my brain and energy in Cornwall so it could take some time! lol


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