Monday, 5 October 2009

Gentle rain .....All day .. and more good news

I have been busy working on several pieces at once as usual and getting nowhere, one very good thing has happened we went to a friends lunch party which was a fundraiser for a school in Africa where she is going do teach art for two months leaving in a couple of weeks time, she is going as a volunteer and all the monies raised was to buy vital equipment that she will need to take with her. Here is a link if your interested

At this lunch I met a young 'Art Film maker' called F
arah I was explaining how my new work was progressing and she showed an interest in a photograph of my installation project 'my girls' (who I might add are still multiplying in the corner of the studio) I was explaining what I intended to do with them, she basically said that I needed a different approach and she promptly offered to make a short film about 'my girls in' the Spring ready for the selection committee in the Summer

How about that!!!! What a result.................... Its not what you know, its who.

Thank you Farah you have made my day, week , month... can you guess how excited I am, you know the saying about the cat and the cream...... that's me....Smiling

Back to reality here is a painting that I've been working on


its 12" x 12" x ½" acrylic on canvas

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  1. Oh, the film installation sounds fascinating! You will have to keep us updated!

    I love your Lovers painting! Very evocative and full of emotion!


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