Friday, 16 October 2009

It's so frustrating

How many times can a fish change her clothes?

......As many as she likes.......

'My tail is not right' said the fish

"I'm not at all happy with my eyes" she continued to complain

Back to the drawing board, I've painted them out, sandpapered, painted again, how many times, three to date....

The fish wandered around the artists studio looking for inspiration.......
....none found as yet!


.... and a new fishy girlfriend begins to take the stage.....

she is taking my mind off of the other one's eyes


  1. having 5 mins between fiddling with dolls and a collage.........WOW I like your work and will be back later! Meanwhile back to stabbing a witch in needlefelt. Carol.

  2. I think the eyes and fish are great, and I LOVE the feet!

  3. Hi carol I'm just giving this a go as to see what the problem is, if you get my drift.


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