Monday, 26 October 2009

'what a beauty'

I've got up early again, this clock/time thing is great. I've been out in my garden in my pj's no less, taking photographs of the fantastic autumn colours.

This is the view from one of the conservatory windows,
you can see a couple of bits of my ceramic work to the left of the picture
.....a former life I once had.

I'm sure if the neighbours saw me they would have shrugged and said "she's off on one...... again".

And little do they know, I'm on a mission.

What a beautiful morning it is today, we are so lucky to live on such an amazing planet and what are we all trying to do, destroy it!

So from today I am going to be even more planet sensitive, I've given myself a list of another 5 new green goals.

I already grow lots of my vegetables and some fruit, I recycle - all garden waste, glass (every wine and beer bottle, along with sauce and jam jars) by the way, always by your sauces in glass bottles these are so much easier and quicker to recycle I understand.
I also recycle all tin and anything that comes in foil.
I collect and recycle all plastic, from tooth-paste tubes to plant pots.
All fabric and clothing are recycled in one way or another, charity shops, quilts and re-makes, even old net curtains protect my raspberries from the birds, instead of plastic netting.

But from today I shall make a more concerted effort my goals are:-

1 Not to buy food in plastic bags or packaging that's unnecessary, including plastic
carrier bags that shops just give out willy nilly and without a thought.

2 Turn off every thing electrical that we are not using, at the switch, that includes
you, precious son of mine.

3 Not to buy anything that I don't need. (that one could be difficult especially in a
fabric or art shop).

4 Pic up other peoples dropped litter along our road, why are people so disgusting?

5 Collect fir cones from the wood, to eek out the kindling.

I am now going into town on the bus........ that's if their not on strike!

Join me if you can, just 5 little adjustments in each of our lives will help make a difference, let me know your 5, and if you like the idea, please pass it on to others and ...........lets see if our blogging can make a difference.


  1. Pick up other people's dropped litter... I admire you. I do the same. It's the only way to tidy up this earth - to take it on if possible. Who knows? Somebody might be looking through a window & learn.

  2. I quit buying sauces and salad dressings years ago, thereby eliminating bottles and jars altogether.... making your own is so simple and you can regulate the amount of salt and won't be ingesting all the preservatives...... I hate the taste of too much salt... not to mention the health benefit....

    my take on why people are so disgusting and litter like they do? ... no consequences. Most people just don't care unless their actions cost them dearly... and you can't change what their parents didn't teach them without dire consequences... so I don't think it will change anytime soon.... we'll have to keep on picking up their garbage....

    When I re-read this it almost sounds negative and cynical...but, it isn't.... mostly I'm just a realist....

  3. five goals to make me think and try to do my bit....We do have a log burner and an allotment and most times I have a cloth bag for shopping. Not sure about the art and fabric shops but I could and will try harder.
    Meanwhile I will think of 5 adjustments to my life and share them. logburner is crackling downstairs so must go bye from Carol.

  4. Came to your blog via Karen Cole a wonderful artist and friend.
    I grew up in Essex but am now in Manhattan.
    Your green goals are wonderful and should be emulated by all....

  5. When I got into Colchester today I was even offered a plastic bag for a birthday card that was already wrapped in plastic... and the counter assistant was amazed when I said "no thank you" to a bag...... it never ceases to amaze me the news is full of green issues I don't think that it is sinking in, what will it take? I dread to think.

    Thank you all for your comments I can't wait to see what your '5's will be, keep me posted, I'm sure we will all be inspired. Small steps.......... we WILL make a difference.

    And yes the busses were on strike!


  6. I ment......

    Yes the buses were on strike.

    My spelling is getting worse.

  7. Hi Julie Anne - Beautiful garden! We never see images of England in the fall - it's always either spring or winter in the BBC dramas we get to watch! We're enjoying a glorious show of autumn colors here in Oregon, too. Great ideas for being even greener - the Green Queen at my school would really be proud of you. I'm so glad I got to see your dolls on gritty jane - the way you paint them is so inspiring. And your anthropomorphic fish you posted here - WOW!!! You are so imaginative! LOVE it! Nice to "meet" you!
    : ) lulu

  8. I do most of the things that you do, including the 5 goals that you posted - it is SO important. I think excessive packaging is my biggest pet peeve. I purchased an item for my hubby for his birthday in August (something on his wish list). The item was approximately 2" x 3" and it was packaged dead center in approximately a foot square of hard plastic. I had planned on sending a letter to the company complaining and I never did - I think I still should!

    Okay, off my soapbox.

    I love the pics you posted! Beautiful!


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