Sunday, 25 October 2009

I'm loosing it...... help

Our clocks went back this morning at 2am, I hadn't remembered to alter the clocks before I went to bed (as usual) and I'm having a hyper day, I got up at 5.15am thinking it was much, much, much later.

I should know better, this has been happening to me for over half a century and I still get this disjointed, peculiar day, I'm either tired out or like today, plugged in.

I've cleaned for England, I started on the conservatory, it has been Spring or maybe I should say Autumn cleaned, and I've almost finished it, I've shocked myself...I have even cleaned all the windows, NOT normal for me, I can assure you.......I'm loosing it for sure. I've just got to get my son to move his telescope and his bike, an old computer, a basket full of wires..etc... etc...etc...wash the floor and the job is done.

My better half has been decorating the dining room and its looking so warm and homely, we've just got wet gloss paint everywhere, it smells so good, perhaps that's it!!!....... I'm high on paint fumes.... someone save me....from myself, too much cleaning is NOT GOOD for any woman.

I've done loads of washing, even tried out a veggie chili recipe for my 'All Hallows' party next weekend, I've written lists and even a planner for the week. I'm frightening myself, and It's not halloween yet. This is not my usual behaviour.

We have over 50 adults and quite a few children coming and I feel like the old woman who lived in the shoe, my little house is too small, hence the manic cleaning of the conservatory, I need more space.... "can I build and extension by next Saturday"? I going mad?????? I think I am.

It must be something to do with my body clock being altered or my menopause clock has had a glitch.... is that a word?

At this rate I shall be doing the ironing.........the men in white coats will come for sure.


  1. Hee hee...I aways clean like a mad woman before company too! Not that they notice...just makes us feel better I guess...I love how your fish turned out! I love how part of it's body is like a sail boat. What a stickler for detail! : )

  2. I hear you on the cleaning - but only before company. I always think, I really SHOULD keep this up and it wouldn't be so exhausting!

    Your party sounds like it will be a
    fabulous one. You must take pics and post them!

  3. You were not alone, I got up early too - having put the clock forward by an hour!!!


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