Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Moan moan moan

Mistley Maltings

We have just been to visit a little village called Mistley and it has lots of old buildings that once belonged to the brewing and malting industries, they fascinate me,some of them have been changed into 'luxury flats' which have in my eyes not been totally successful in their transformation.
The main thing that stands is that the builders have used 'modern plastic windows', the originals, were I imagine metal Crittal windows, which were made not a million miles away just up the A12 near Witham...
moan moan moan
. They could have been refurbished and re-used a product that was made locally by a local company and workforce with recyclable materials but no... plastic was chosen they look awful and totally not in keeping with the original buildings.
Right now I've got that off my chest, in amongst all of this 'mess' one section hadn't been touched here are a few pictures...
There is a redeeming feature, the glass entrance to the right of the building looks amazing and links the buildings beautifully. (You can just see the awful replacements on the left of the picture) I also like the way the wood has been weathered and all the paint has settled into the grain to make these amazing patterns.

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