Tuesday, 8 September 2009

'WOW' again

Here are some more pictures as promised of the sculptures by

Nicolas Lavarenne
'Grand Arc-boutant'
(large bracket)

The tension in this face and body that this artist has captured, it is amazing, this sculpture shows a great strength, it is compelling, so much so that I just wanted to stare at it for ages.

You approach this sculpture through an avenue clipped fir hedging, passing other works that are discretely tucked away in alcoves so that your eyes are not distracted from this piece or the Frink at the other end.

Elizabeth Frink
'Desert Quartet'

This head is huge, one of the original four that were cast, the owner Mr Bernard Holmes said that he wanted all of his pieces to be touched so that there could be a connection between artist and viewer, I can tell you it is amazing, and feels wonderful, and this is what the Elizabeth Frinks head looks out upon

by Thomas Heatherwick'

This sculpture is huge about 8 adults can stand inside of it at any one time, each of the 'spikes' are hollow with an orange square of plastic on the end and they ALL line up to focus on one spot within this box. In December it is lit from the inside and aparently it looks fantastic.
apologies for the photography once again


  1. Wow is right . I love going on outings like that, it is amazing what art does to the soul.


  2. Hi! Just popped over to say hello and wish you a very happy weekend. I'm sorry I've taken a while to visit and say THANK YOU for your comment on my blog recently

    Wishing you happiness and sunshine :o)



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