Thursday, 24 September 2009

Gorgeous weather

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Essex, the sun is shining the breeze is light and warm, just one minor (or major) problem, my garden is resembling a dust bowl, I don't know how the veggies are hanging on, I'd say by their teeth but that is quite a disturbing thought, spinach and winter mustard green with teeth!!! If I thought too much along those lines I would give up eating veg as well as meat........ Oh that could lead to a new slimmer me...... I might just have to give that some more thought ..... or maybe it the cheese sauce or butter that I'm partialed to, that could be the problem?

A strange thought, a new title for one of those amazing old style horror movies

'Broccoli Bite Back'

At this rate I won't be able to grow my own veg I shall be having nightmares. Best stop here.

After all of that nonsense I haven't had a lot of time for dolls just lately except for my girls who it seems, are multiplying by themselves in the corner of my tiny studio.

I have been working on a couple of small paintings this past week or two, both are just 8" x 8" my inspiration 19th Century fashion would you believe.... lord knows where that idea came from, here are a couple of previews


  1. Hi

    You are funny! I'm glad I read this post this morning and not last night or I might have been dreaming about being chased by broccoli or chickens in 19th century costumes :o)

    Your dolls have wonderful shapes and look really good grouped together like this

    Have a lovely Sunday
    Best wishes, Carolyn

  2. I think I see CHICKEN...!! Which, is on my mind a lot these days... lol LOVE what I see!


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