Tuesday, 22 September 2009

'Etsy here I am'

I have just spent all morning creating my etsy account, I cannot believe how long it has taken me, is it because I'm of a certain generation or am I just a daft numptly...? daft numpty is the answer - I know.
I expect your wondering why?
My darling better half is NOT the person to ask, my son is too impatient with me and goes far too fast when explaining something that is to him is a piece of cake. How is it that my son can just 'do it' (anything on the computer I mean) in a flash, if not he always knows a man who can.
Where can I find one like that?
What is a woman to do?
You know the old saying if you want a job done..... well I did... and that is why it has taken me absolutely hours.

Here are the items I've listed

Alice and the White Rabbit


Miss Poppy Field

I was going to list a few more but that job is for another day.... quite honestly I've had enough... even the ironing looks inviting...

I do feel rather pleased with myself though, and without the help of my son!!!
Now for a much needed cup of tea.


  1. Oh, I wish I had more $'s in my Paypal account! I love your work. I've ♥'d your shop - good luck with it! I think you will do really well!

  2. Your dolls are fabulous! What a joy to look at. Good job!

  3. particularly love the white rabbit...as you know...I'm partial to bunnies!

    thanks for dropping by my blog....and now I come to yours and see familiar faces. That always surprises me still....what a small world it is... or maybe it is just because we have similar interests, we hang out at the same places... lol.....


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