Monday, 28 September 2009

I'm having another go

................ at Etsy that is I am trying to up load images which are always too...o...o...o.... large for the Etsy format........ and they take so...o..... long to load, and its doing my head in!!!!!!

The first one I'm trying to load is Madam La Fleche

Madam La Fleche
Acrylic on canvas
8"x8"x 1½

Next will be my Icon painting which I've called 'The Three Saints' it has been finished with some imitation gold leaf .

'The Three Saints'
Acrylic on Canvas
10"x12"x ½"

And with any luck I should be able to get this young lady loaded up by sometime next year the way things are going...... I've just deleated all my information by mistake ..... I told you all I'm a numpty.

This is Sarah she is painted with oil and has a crackle effect to make her look a little older

Oil on Canvas

I am writing this while I am waiting for Etsy, and waiting and waiting.....
I am still trying to load the first set of images and its driving me nuts.

I think that I shall have to load these up on Etsy another day or I shan't get any 'work' done at all.

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  1. Wonderful paintings! I love the humour in Madame La Fleche. Do you resize your photos before trying to upload them? I usually find Etsy pretty fast. Good luck with getting these pics uploaded!


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