Sunday, 26 July 2009

Holiday in Norfolk

We have been on holiday this past week in Norfolk with our daughter her partner and their son, we stayed in a traditional flint cottage which was an absolute delight our grandson loved the ducks visiting us every morning and evening for their breakfast and supper

The Sainsbury Centre

We visited the Sainsbury Centre which is in the grounds of the University of East Anglia, Norwich. The collection, is held in building designed by Norman Foster, it is stunning the light illuminates the exhibitions, for me it has an air of expectancy an excitement that draws you in.
The collection is vast with artists represented from across the world, for instance, Sculpture by Henry Moore, paintings, sketches and sculpture by Alberto Giacometti, Paintings by Francis Bacon, modern pots by Lucie Rie, Hans Cooper and Rupert Spira. There were wonders from North America, The Cyclades in the Aegean sea,The Pacific, Central and South America, to name but a few. Cultures that I have never heard of, it was so exciting.
If your ever in the area its a great place to visit and its free. If you can't get there in person here is a web address -

Castle Acre Priory

Another place we visited was Castle Acre Priory. There was a peace about this place, set in beautiful countryside, the priory ruins span seven centuries, its hard to get the time line in your head, it was home to a community of monks until 1537 when Henry the VIII disbanded all monastic houses.
These are a few pictures of our visit. We all felt moved by the magnificence of the buildings and inspired by its beauty.

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