Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry is a unique character, this doll is my homage to this amazing artist. I have used as a starting point an outfit that


wore to the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition preview party 2008 and


motor bike leathers leathers based on the Cerne Abbis Giant.

This cloth and clay doll is 45cm or roughly 18" in length, the doll is made of calico, paperclay and acrylic paint. I'm not very good with a camera so I hope these photo's do it justice

I hope that you are intrigued enough to look up Grayson Perry......... His work is amazing.


  1. This is so fantastic! Great work!

  2. thankyou for your kind words about my needlefelted green man,also to be introduced to your site. Great idea to be inspired by Grayson to make these fascinating dolls. you are on my blog list to visit again. Carol.

  3. Hi Julie, lovely to meet you at the Artist teachers exchange event last Friday, absolutely love your dolls especially this one. Please keep me posted as to when your open event is on, as I'd love to come.
    Thanks Sue

  4. Whow i love this one too !!


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