Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sketchclub, Falmouth.

Our brief this week was to draw hair... Some had more than others, I tried to 'capture' the person instead.
I don't get to the Wednesday meetings very often as my granddaughter's appointments at the hospital quite often collide. But I did manage to get there this week, I didn't get a lot done... Too much chatting. Nothing unusual there then....
Ray's of sunshine in my rented Cornish garden.
Some good news soon about 'our' house.. Soon.


  1. I love when a person's essence is captured in this manner Julie. I can feel you thinking.
    Can't wait to hear more about your House!! You must be looking forward to it.... although that is a sweet garden spot!

  2. Oooh, excited for you re house. My hair is falling out at a rate of noughts - something to do with recent op, apparently. Think you've captured those 'hairy heads' very well indeed.Have a good week, Julie. x

    1. Hi Ann,

      Sorry to hear about your hair.. If mine fell out it would make a rug. A large white and grey one.. Fashionable colour? For rugs maybe. It's down to my waist..
      Here.. This will make you laugh..
      Last week when I was in Penzance a young (camp) chap asked if it was all mine, I said yes of course, he answered that he had never seen anyone so old with hair that length... I looked at him and asked how old his mother was, he said 47, my answer to him was to "Quit while he was a head". Have a good week Ann. x

    2. Cheeky young blighter! and how rude of him to comment on your age. Good reply back though! I used to have a headful of long,thick red hair - not so much now! x

  3. hello lovely, I am on my way to cornwall to, st just, so we must finally hook up ;) your work is amazing as always, love debs xxx

  4. smiling all the way around here, julie... : )


  5. I would never have thought of purposely sketching hair but its a good subject. You did quite well. Can't wait to hear your 'house' news.


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