Sunday, 6 October 2013

On my work table today... Saffron buns and a visit to Land's End.

As we have not had any luck finding out Cornish home. I have taken up building my own out of papier mache. These are still in the early stages but coming along nicely as they develop.. Quite honestly they are a work in progress, meaning I get one bit done then try to figure out what to do next.. Think that I might print on them???
 'Saffron Buns' Take:2 
My attempts to make Saffron buns are improving.. And are tasting much better. I got the yeast working by soaking it in warm milk and sugar... Much better rise this time.
Land's End
Nicole and her family have moved to Cornwall this week, so we are now a family all together enjoying every moment of our new way of life..  Click on the photo to see Maud's face.. x

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