Friday, 15 February 2013


A peek at an untidy corner of my sitting room. Look on top of the bookcase.. Can you see the paper houses I'm working on, my work comes in from the studio, I just look at it, catch it from a different perspective then take it back out to the studio once again and make the changes. My work is all over the house, things in progress normally.. I wonder sometimes how I'm still married, my dear husband must be used to my butterfly ways..

The smoke fired hen on the mantle shelf I made many years ago, I'm still very fond of it.. The beautiful set of green stationary draws I brought from a charity shop and the bookcase was another ebay find it's old library shelving that had been cut in half and turned upside down, probably from the 1930's.

Norman made the fire surround out of old oak floor boards which we brought from the reclaim yard in Colchester.  The wood-burner  is an ebay find I got it for a song last autumn.. The woollen throw is a recent  purchase, pure undyed wool, handmade in Denmark, I love the soft natural greys and it is so cosy, we oldies (me and hubby) snuggle up together in front of the fire on chilly winter evenings.

Looking at this photo, I'd better get on and do a bit of tidying up..


  1. Hi Julie lovely blog............. but the words are not loading on my PC. Hope its my glitch and not yours :-) x J

  2. Uh oh, I think your computer is acting up!

  3. To me home is where the heart is and your heart is certainly in your lovely cosy home......xx

  4. I would never want to move from that cosy spot you've created.

  5. Oh its lovely and I really like the idea of spreading pieces throughout the house, looking at them from a different perspective. Very cozy room - looks perfect for cuddling up!


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