Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Dartmouth, old bones and ents.

I've been trawling through my blog 'drafts' and found this post.. Completely forgotton amongst the flotsom in my draft folder.. So this is old but enjoyable all the same.
This is Dartmouth from the river heading across to...  
..Kingswear. If you don't catch the ferry across the river Dart, it is a very, very long drive around to get there.. And the ferry is always fun to catch.
At first Kingswear was dissapointing, it was a 'mizzle' day, but despite the rain we decided to take a walk up the hill and along the river.  We were so pleased that we had made the effort.  The views were spectacular and the walk along the river road was magical.
This beautiful tree was vast, standing bravely on the cliff edge with arms outstretched to the skies above, probably looking for something to hold on to. I got the feeling that there were Ents watching us.
I thought that you might like to see this wonderful medieval building, tucked behind the high street in Dartmouth, to me it is beautiful, with only its bones on display, like a dinosaur at the Natural History Museum in London.. 
 I think that it is called 'The Cherub', a public house at one time.. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Click on the image to see the carvings they are amazing..


  1. LOve that old building and the wood. Looks like another great time with your daughter x J

  2. Is the building something they are tearing down or renovating? It makes an interesting picture.

  3. Thank you for the fun tour. Indeed that old building does look like a dinosaur, bones and all. Love the walk up the hill, along the river.

  4. hi julie, so great to discover your work, I am on my way through your blog, it is just fantastic!
    x stefanie


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