Sunday, 28 October 2012

On my work bench this weekend..

 Just thought you might like to see the first stages, well, almost the first.. The first process was drawing it on the plaster with charcoal.
 Here I go Altering it again.. Heads getting smaller. Thinking about light and shade.
 Continuing to look at where the light would hit..
Well, this is it so far.. Up-date soon.. 
*Note to self : Remember to take photo's as I go..


  1. You are so good at this painting lark. Now is this 3 Men in a Boat or the Three wise Men following the star? x J

  2. when i look at your faces i always wonder what they are thinking!

  3. I love how this is coming together. Hope you have had time to watch the Byzantine developments in the images of the devil: BBC. Such amazing depictions, they included the Winchester psalter.


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