Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Busy, busy.. A mixed up post..

My course is going OK'ish.. A little strange and trying at times, not so much about Early Netherlandish Art and its Influences. But a little point scoring seems to be going on... 'How many saints can we name'.  Which makes it all a little tedious.. 

We are meant to be looking at art and social climate of the Fifteenth Century Northern Renaissance and the artistic techniques of the painters of the time... Not so much of that so far.

It is like a  select club, that Sandra and I were not invited to.. A closed shop/coffee morning with a medieval attitude...We paid the fee!  'They, not all', get the course for free!  WE want our money's worth! .....Moan over!
(Photo's taken from the overhead projector screen Apologies for the quality.)
A wonderful Sunday walk along the River to pick sloes.. Not many about this year.. 
Just need to get a large bottle of Gin. 
Makes me think of cold winter nights snuggled up by the fire..
A visit to the Braintree museum to see  EAST- 'Making a Point' exhibition.With Stephanie Moss, a wonderful local textile artist, who is always an inspiration.
They have set up an old Victorian school room in the museum.. Stephanie in deep thought..
I found this book in a local church St John the Baptist in Layer-de-la- Haye book sale. A beautiful church  built in the C14.
It is a wonderful 1960's church needle work book, shows you how to make cassocks and other clerical attire. There are also patterns for kneelers and a few angels and thrown in for good measure.. And... A little childish giggle..
...To work the cock!... Which tickled my wicked sense of humor.
And lastly on my work bench, a few 'Angels' in waiting..


  1. You have my sympathies regarding the class. I once went to a life drawing class run by adult learning and there were many regulars there whom the tutor liked to have a good gossip with...whilst we were trying to draw the model, which I found infuriating. When he was so involved in loud chatting that he was actually obscuring my view of the model I did speak up. He hated me after that, as did half the class it seemed!

  2. Could'nt you fly over with Joan and bring the Angels ? i'm in the shop wens and thurs xx

  3. Love the Angels are they for Christmas??? x J

  4. The faces on your little angels are heavenly!

  5. So sorry the class isn't going as well as it should - hopefully it will improve (once you pass the 'initiation' period - smile). Love those crowns - makes the latent beader inside happy. Love your angels -- I suspect that the church book + your class may give added inspiration.

  6. So sorry your course is letting the side down. I remember being fascinated by the workshop practice of Netherlandish/Flemish masters. From the scraping and preparing of board to the mixing and grinding of the medium used. Then there are the politics of why this saint, what cloth is depicted and who should paint which part of the picture.

    If you can get hold of a copy Van Hoek's Golden Age of Dutch Art is a fabulous read (although it focuses on the later period quite heavily so lots of Rubens and Rembrandt). The politics is well covered in the Dutch Republic (OUP) and gives a great background to the period.

    Read and enjoy it is such a fascinating period.

  7. Loving the angels. Hope the course brings more inspiration :)

  8. Hi Stranger We must get together sometime. Love your post, looks like you are being kept very busy with your art and craft projects. I would love a couple of your Christmas angels before you sell them all please.......xx


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