Friday, 19 October 2012

Arthur Bispo do Rosario at the V & A..

Yesterday, I went to London to see the new exhibition at the V & A..This is not to be missed, it is a once in a life time exhibition and an honor to see.. 

Here is the blurb from the V & A.. The boats were my favorites as were the embroidered flags.. Do try and visit this amazing exhibition, it is only small but huge in many other ways'.

Arthur Bispo do Rosário

13 August – 28 October 2012  Admission free

The display brings together over 80 artworks ranging from sculptures, hand-embroidered banners and garments, showcasing the variety and creativity of Arthur Bispo do Rosario (1909-1989), one of Brazil’s most recognized artists.
Admitted to a psychiatric hospital at the age of 29, Bispo’s creations were made in complete isolation from the art establishment. However his ‘outsider’ art has long been celebrated for its skill and imaginative approach to working with everyday, found materials. The work on show demonstrates his fascination for the re-appropriation of objects such as buttons, bottles, paper, card and cutlery, which he manipulated to create elaborate sculptural pieces.

No photography was allowed so these are from the V & A web site..


  1. It looks wonderful.....but can't afford a London trip at the moment, Sadly x

  2. Thank you so very, very much for sharing these with us -- what incredible imagination, art and technique. Wish I could see them in person one day.

  3. Oh that looks worth a trip!!!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful art! I especially love the boat on wheels -- but the hanging is very special also. Oh heck, I love it all!

  5. How wonderful!! Wish I could attend, but London is a bit far from this dusty West Texas town!! I was fortunate enough to be in London many years ago and I fell in love, plus, the natives speak English, sort of!! LOLOLOLOL

    Have a wonderful visit and thank you for the short tour.


  6. It is a beautiful exhibition..went last week and hope to go again soon. Glad you enjoyed it too. Lynda

  7. How lovely to spend a day at the V&A I bet you thought you'd died and gone to heaven. Love the photos.....xx


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