Saturday, 4 August 2012

Two charity shop finds

 How about this fella... 1960's/70's?
 It is a little 'used' but I couldn't resist it just £0.99p/$1.54. 
And this hand thrown stoneware dish in perfect condition.. Just £0.50p/$0.78. 
I had one similar when I got married in 1977... Such a long...Long time ago.. Surprised I can remember that far back.


  1. Hi Julie
    and I am sure it would be very interesting to meet you if you were able to come to my 'open studio' although i,t as you say, is just over 400 miles - so its a bit too far.

    Why don't you do one of those " follow by email" gadgets on the top right hand corner of your blog. People would just about be able to find it there. There's a lot of stuff either side of the posts on your blog.

    Anyway it is a good thing to have and its lovely receiving new posts into ones email box. Best wishes


  2. Eva Nerling from colourful-research.blogspot has just let me know that it might be a 1950's puzzle, over 50 years old, no wonder it's a bit rough around the edges..

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