Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympic Values - Friendship..

One of them Cherry Hall decided to celebrate her birthday with a flourish an exhibition celebrating the Olympic Value -  'Friendship'
Showing now Chelmsford library, Essex.
(You can just see Cherry in the poster reflection)
Cherry's work 'Medal A Day'
Here a view of Cherry's work.. Looking through the cabinet. I love all of the patterns around the sides.. Looks as if its in Kew gardens glass house not Chelmsford Library....
The Olympic paper children are the work of Joan Glen-Martin . Amazingly completed despite suffering from kidney stones and a rotten virus.
The beautiful handmade book is the work of Linda Wilks, her flag book set off the cabinet with a flourish of patriotism.
.....Close up.. Whilst waiting to be put on show
My work was put into two tall glass cabinets 108 dolls all linked with red thread..
My blurb..
'A Common Thread'
Julie Howe

This installation is about imperceptible links that join us all.
The Olympics have joined athletes their coaches, families and spectators across the world in a unique way through sport, we join them for a brief moment as we watch their race to the Olympic line.
This installation was born through sadness and loss and ended up as a self-exploratory piece looking at the invisible threads that link us all .
It begun with a simple pattern made from a cereal box cut out in calico and stitched. Each and every 'doll' started with the same pattern (their own DNA), stretched and altered, evolving as they were made. One 'doll' led to another and became this installation of 108* pieces.
This work was started in despair and ended in the reassuring knowledge that we are all linked in some way by 'A Common Thread'.

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break.” - An ancient Chinese belief" - Author unknown.
*Note:108 is a sacred number.

   "Friends have all things in common."- Plato


  1. Thanks for all the lovely Photos Julie and write up and for taking part - and your support - Great spending time with you yesterday !!X

  2. Wow Julie your display looks so good. So does Cherries.

    Thanks so much for calling to see me. The Sweet Pea flowers smell marvelous. X J

  3. Julie, what a concept and a lot of work!! Very inique!


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