Thursday, 16 August 2012

'Rood Screen' Influence or subconscious thoughts?

The weather has been amazing here in my little corner of Essex this week, on Monday morning bright and early my friend phoned, "fancy a drive to Southwold?", for those of you who don't know... Its a beautiful unspoilt  seaside town in Suffolk, who could refuse, not me.. So with nothing better to do other than the ironing I jumped at the chance.. 

We took full advantage of a beautiful morning and headed up the A12, an hour and a half later we were there. "I've brought you here to show you something" said my friend, and we headed off towards the church... Inside she directed me to the 'Rood screen'.. I was blown away.. I have only ever seen pictures in books before of these medieval wonders.. Please click on the link..I could go on... and on... and on about them, better if you take a look for yourself.

After fish and chips and a pot of Early grey tea we headed home.... To be continued...

So after an amazing but exhausting, couple of days I managed to get into the studio... To 'clear up' some of my mess... And to start work on a new lino print. Well that was the plan.
During my tidying I came across this picture.. One that I had put aside..  The cleaning went out of the window together with the lino print.... I propped it up on the easel..
Three hours later.. Gone were the fields, she'd a hair cut, a house renovation, and a little boat had made an appearance..

...Tea.. I need tea, so stopped for a sandwich.. Arrr! No bread.. Bugger!
After lunch, and another two hours or so painting. Here is the picture.. I might still tweak it here and there, but it's all but finished.. And I was exhausted.

The influence was not as I'd thought, the wonderful rood screen, but my friend, who is living with her son, (who is driving her nuts) whilst having a new house built down by the river... Funny the way the brain works, it never ceases to amaze me..


  1. Julie, wonderful to see your process... triggers that inspire an idea and seeing where they go.. I love it. that's the magic of art.

  2. I LOVE this painting and the story behind it is perfect!

  3. Julie! I love this!!! It has Chagall all over it...I love Chagall's dreamy works and I love yours too! It is funny how the brain amazes me too.

  4. Eva Nerling What an amazing painting. So much atmosphere. Anything can happen in your dreams. That's what it tells me. I'm enchanted. -- Have to comment on FB, your blog won't accept my comments :-(

  5. How lovely Southwold is and to find such lovely art work in the church. I often go there, but never visit the church. Your interpretation of the picture is just beautiful.......xx


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