Monday, 23 July 2012

Jackie Morris - Art in Action - A grand day out.

And the sun shone.... 
We had an exciting and exhausting day at Art in Action
 I got to meet Jackie Morris...
Not the best of photo's - Whose arm that is that?
Not only amazingly talented, she was also lovely, and so generous with her time, she even let me borrow her new manuscript  'East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon'  to read whilst we had lunch..  What other author would do that?  I felt so honoured.. Such kindness, and what a book it is going to be... Within the first couple of pages she had lifted me into the story... I still have pictures going around in my head.. Wonderful..
We saw Robert Race's automata's
 Thought you might like to see some of it too.. Just love the wording on his sign.
  I want one of these benches for my garden.. Sadly I don't remember who made it..
This angel is the work of Janis Ridley
 It is about 2" tall, so beautiful..
 And here is another piece of her work.. Janis was so down to earth, I warmed to her immediately, I so hope that I bump into her another day..
How I would have loved one of these.. Dreaming again Julie.. One day.. Maybe.

I could have posted so many photo's, but these are my favourites.. What a great day it was, I would definitely go again..

One of the best things that happened,  so many people asked me about who made the brooch that I happened to be wearing. Me, I said with a smile as I gave them one of my cards... 

You never know I might get a follower or two and maybe even a sale.. 
....My confidence is growing..

Next job --- Up date my etsy and bigcartel sites..


  1. I'm gutted I didn't go to Art in Action this year.....I was put off by the thought of overwhelming mud after all the rain!!
    Looks like you had great day Julie did the sun dry everything up?
    Always such an inspiring place :0)

  2. Looks like a fun day Julie...and your brooch is full of charm!

  3. Hi Julie, what treasures you've shown us! Art in Action is a wonderful event and I'm green with envy as I couldn't make it this year.
    I love Jackie Morris' work, her children's books are full of magic. Thanks for the pictures.

  4. Your beautiful brooch fits right in amongst the rest of those incredible artefacts, I'm so glad I am the proud owner of one of them....and maybe another if you manage to get them on Etsy!

  5. Julie, what a great experience to be there.. so glad you shared it.. Those wooden sculptures are fascinating.

  6. AnonymousJuly 23, 2012

    Ooh, what splendid work! Thank you for this post, it's introduced me to some wonderful artists :)

  7. AnonymousJuly 23, 2012

    What wonderful work, thank you for posting this, it's introduced me to some excellent artists who I'd not heard of before :)

  8. It's wonderful to visit an exhib and come away so inspired.
    Without doubt your brooches will sell, as they are fabulous. You are onto a winner there my friend x


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