Thursday, 8 March 2012

Week 9. On my work bench....

Not at my desk this week..... And out of my comfort zone... 

I'm on a course at the new Firstsite gallery with Jaqueline Davies, textile artist.. We are now on our second week, so a quick catch up is in order ..... Our first session.

We were given a 'brick', yes you did hear right.... A brick! Which we covered it in bubble wrap then wadding.  It was about a play on words such as  'one brick shy of a load', 'like talking to a brick wall', 'come up against a brick wall', 'your a brick' etc. etc
My brick was an 'Olde Essex Red' or 'soft red', ( for those that don't know its a type of brick).  So after covering it in bubble wrap and wadding I covered it in... I wonder if you guessed which was mine... Well it's the red velvet one... An 'Olde Essex Red' is a soft red brick.  So I wanted my brick to feel soft as it's description..
This is our lovely tutor.. Jacqueline Davies who has a passion for fabric and pattern which is inspiring. So, today's lesson... "To grasp the basics of creating a repeat pattern".
This is how we started, firstly with an idea and a drawing, mine was birds. You start your drawing in the center then cut the paper in half, moving the bottom to the top and tape on the reverse, you fill in the center section with a bit more of your design. Then the drawing is cut lengthwise and the right hand side is moved to the left and taped into place, you now complete your drawing, once again in the center of the four sections..  Now you cut it and return it to it's original state with your initial drawing in the center. Phew! I hope that it all makes sense.
 Then it is traced. Scribbled on the back and you then placed on your piece of board..
That is as far as we got, now we have some homework to do...  I think that mine will become a lino or collagraph block... I'm hoping that these workshops will translate into my work..
Other examples.


  1. Oh yay! Julie! Please keep on sharing this! I'd love to see the result. Am always trying stuff for my dolls dresses.

    The idea of te bird is superb!

  2. You are an inspiration with all that you have going on!!
    Wow!! I'm tuckered out and laying low for a while, but always enjoy popping over here to see waht you have in the works!



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