Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week 5. On my work bench.....

Hip, Hip Hurrah! Great to have him home.. If only for a few weeks.
Right, lets get back to what my post should be about..
Inspired by a lady who asked me if I made my Christmas birds as brooches, I've made a few to see how they fly.. He! he!
So this is the work table... Well, kitchen table.. We've had about 8" of the fluffy white stuff..
It's called a work in progress.. Looks more like a big mess to me.
 This is the view from one of the lounge windows. Brrr...
My shed looks cold and sad for it's self this afternoon, Norman, cleared the path for me, but it's just too cold to go out there to work -3.

'Raven'                    'Beautiful '  
'Hummingbird '
More good news... I've sold a couple of brooches. Thank you.


  1. I feel your pain.. I can't go to my studio space either.. it's too cold brrrrrrr!!!

  2. When I see pictures like those of your snowy backyard......pretty as it looks blanketed in snow.......I am thankful to live in a temperate place where it never snows and it is never too hot! Hope spring comes soon for you.
    I know your feeling about having your son home - mine came home for a month over Christmas from where he has been working in the unbelievable hot Kimberley (in the north of Western Australia).
    Love the brooches - are they papier mache? Judging by what's on the work-table, they probably are.

  3. What a sweet work space you have...hope you get to return to it soon! I am not surprised you are selling brooches they are so unique. Have a great week Julie!

  4. Love your work, the flying pigeon squad are great!!! Brrrrr cold here too! xx's J

  5. Those birds are awesome, and I love that one brooch in the top right- she is sooo cool! xo


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