Thursday, 2 February 2012

I am a goodess. In socks. With work for sale..

Just a quick post as It is freezing.. My hand is so cold.. 
Probably due to the nerve being cut...  So painful, the cold exacerbates the problem.
BBC weather suggesting  -5 tonight.. SOCKS in bed for definite..
.. I am a goddess in socks.. 


  1. Your brooches are definately awesome......
    If this cold weather continues we should get Joan to knit some of her hippy socks to keep our toes warm......xx

  2. you need to get yourself a few hot water bottles and a rug for when you are sitting - I know- very glamorous- but it works!

  3. LOL took the words out of me mouth!! Am loving your brooches Julie. xx's J

  4. Love the Brooches !!! can't wait to see them on that display stand x sorry your so cold xx

  5. Love the new work!
    Sorry I haven't commented in a long time, but blogger kept kicking me out every time I tried to post in the comments.

  6. These are so awesome! So much old charm to them! Stay warm!


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