Sunday, 8 January 2012

Week 1. On my work bench.....

I am aiming to post a 'What is on my work bench', post on a weekly basis.. Good intentions, I hear myself saying.. I did think about doing a daily up date, but with the best will in the world, life is too short.... So a weekly...'ish work table post is what will hopefully happen. So here goes....
Week 1...  Papier mache..

... playing with a few ideas after making the Christmas ornaments which were a great success I'm pleased to say. (Just a few left at the Art Cafe in Colchester and West Mersea)   The shapes on the right look a little odd at the moment, but all will be revealed in a few days...

It has been so chilly in the shed these past few weeks, I have sneaked back into the house until it warms up a bit, meanwhile I've been looking for alternative options to heat it/take the chill off. All ideas welcome..
 ... My lovely friend Cherry has given me an electric heater that her daughter no longer needs.. So I will  give that a try over the next few days, and hopefully I shall feel a little warmer and a little more productive..

Another greener/cheaper idea is to buy thermals  ..Diet starts on Monday..  Honest!


  1. Thanks for the mention Julie xx Hope the heater works xx just read your post out to my daughter and it's made her 'chuckle ' xxx

  2. I love seeing what people are working on, looking forward to more of your 'on my work bench' posts :)

  3. excellent idea Julie ! I shall attempt to do the same and we can compare notes !!! I'll attempt to keep it up ! As you know I'm not the most frequent blogger in the world !!!! Happy New Year !

  4. I'm just glad that this winter doesn't seem to be so cold. But it is nasty to be in the cold! Have a nice hot ginger tea before bedtime.

  5. I love your paper mache work. Maybe you could do one of your workshops. I would love to come...........xx

  6. I hope the heater works out for you Julie - it's hard to create something when your fingers are stiff from the cold! That said, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with these items on your work table

  7. Mmm intrigued - what will be revealed. Glad you are a little warmer, wish I could package a bit of the heat down here for you, boy its sweltering - not good for the creative juices, they tend to boil over and evaporate. I enjoy seeing how other artists work evolves thanks for sharing.


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