Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Charity shop find, OF THE YEAR!

Can you believe this find..   I was begining to loose all faith in the charity shop system.. They have got a bit big for their knickers... They are charging a fortune for second/third hand goods.. £6.99 for a ball'ed acrylic jumper I noticed last week...£34.00 for a coat that would'nt keep you warm on a summers day.  

But, hidden amongst all the hideously over priced 'stuff ' was this little lot of treasure.. Mine for just £11.00 including the pastry brush.. A funny thing to be included, but hey it might be the best paint brush I ever use.. 

There are still gems out there, it's just that they take a little longer to find... And it's so exciting when you do.


  1. Well done on your bargain find. A girl can't have enough paint brushes.......xx

  2. What a terrific deal!! Just look at all of the brushes. Maybe I'll start going to thrift shops again.

  3. Some of the smaller brushes looks like sable? Good find.... wouldn't it be great if there was a whole art supply charity store? I'm dreaming....!!!

  4. Wow, what a brilliant find...they are still out there! And what fun you'll have with it all too.

  5. Great find! I love thrift shops and even though the ones here have gotten quite expensive too, when I do find a treasure, I'm thrilled.

  6. Hello Julie,

    Yes....I agree about the over pricing...and also it is sad that they are now putting most vintage items straight onto ebay.
    I know the aim is to raise money for their charities, but by putting all the really interesting stuff online for sale I feel they are depriving the ordinary man or woman in the street the chance of buying something special...what do you think about that?
    However, every now and then there is a little bargain, as you I found a lovely little cardigan for 70p.
    Hugs,Ellen x

  7. oh, julie, this was a good laugh! i've thought that charity shops seem to be getting a bit big for their knickers myself!! but what a find you got! henry himself would be grinning... : )


  8. I have butterflies in my stomach just looking at this find! Bravo and hurrah. Great fabby find!! *smiles* Norma


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