Friday, 28 October 2011

Spotlight : Emerging 'Mosaic' artist

 This week I had the great honour of going to Cherry Hall's studio and what a wonderful experience it was, it was packed to the gills with exciting projects and ideas, I wish that I had taken a photo of it, you wouldn't believe how wonderful it was...... Her latest pieces are well... Amazing.
Her work is in great demand a young chap came to collect this one while were having our coffee, I was lucky to get a photograph of it. The young gentleman also put in a Christmas order... Obviously a collector.
Just click on the pictures for a closer look, it is so clever the way she has applied the pieces.
This is another piece that she has been working on.. Don't you just love her quirky ideas.
I love her 'nips', so intuitive.... Recycling at it's very best.
 Also sold.
You must get busy again Cherry.  I can't wait to see what you do next..
Another snippet:  I also got a little gift from my sister the other day, she found this vintage roller at a car boot sale the other week, I'm not sure how old it is but its in fantastic condition... Thanks Wend. x


  1. WoW .... Thanks for the mention Julie - Lovely to get together the other day xxx

  2. That is amazing art...I bet it's a blast deciding where to put eat piece AND collection things to make the art. Wow!

  3. Thanks for the vicarious intro to this artist.
    And enjoyed seeing the sketches below. I always find the character of the sketching / quick word we do so informative to the finished work. -J

  4. Thats a lovely post for Cherry. Her mosaic work is awesome. Love ittttttt.......xx


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