Thursday, 15 September 2011


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'Around the block'
Dry point and watercolour
- When we were children and living in London,  we used to ride our bikes
'Around the block'' ~  happy memories...
These are two new drypoint etchings just off the press, waiting to be titled and numbered, another job that needs doing... I was inspired after going to the Norwich Print Fair last Saturday.... The CD worked Mandy...Result! ~ Thanks for the idea and your help.
 'Women of the world'
  Drypoint and watercolour
Studio wall.. 
Playing around with monoprinting. Trying to make the shed look a bit more like a studio..  New mantra.. Must tidy up studio...Must tidy up house.. Must tidy up .


  1. Hi Julie Your Art Studio Looked really good to me!!! Wish I had more time. Hope to see you Saturday or Sunday. xx's Joan

  2. hello, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.. I hope you have a wonderful successful studio tour this weekend... best wishes.. dw

  3. julie, i wish you all the best at the open studio! i would sure enough be there if i lived nearby... xoxo

  4. linda and i are coming today xxx


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