Monday, 12 September 2011

Angel wings

Better late than never.. Apologies to the wonderful Linda who gave me this piece of beautiful crochet the other day at our Contemporary Craft meeting.  Linda not only gave me these wings but she MADE them, they are exquisite ... I now have to make a very special angel to wear them. I hope that I can do them justice.
Here is a photo of the very talented and generous Linda Wilks have a look at her lovely blog.. She blogs about her vintage finds, car boot booty, and charity shop treasures,  she collects all kinds of wonderful things, makes lace.. And takes the most amazing photographs.. Enjoy.


  1. I love Linda's work - it is ALWAYS SO DELIGHTFUL can't wait to see more ..... I love her blog too xx

  2. Oh Julie thankyou so much for your kindness towards me... Shame about the photo though, I knew you would get me back some time. This post is quite appropriate as my last post was on friendship. Hope you have had a peek.....xx


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