Saturday, 28 May 2011

Bookshop: Unplugged

In the smallest venue - Our local bookshop  
We were lucky enough to get tickets to a magical musical event.
The amazing ‘Hot Club Gitane’ came to Wivenhoe last night, they are Manouche Jazz (Gypsy Jazz), musicians, and they were superb.
There is not a lot of space, in our local bookshop, we were squeezed amongst literary greats, and the gardening section, did we mind..... Not one bit.!
 As you can see by the expressions, everyone was enthralled by their amazing abilities to play music that tickled your sense's, whilst dancing in your head..
 The 'Hot Club Gitane' musicians must have been exhausted, they played for an amazingly and wonderful 3 HOUR's! - It felt like 20 minutes - always a good sign. Would we go to see them again.... At a drop of a hat!

A good time was had by all, great venue, great music and great company,  and a glass of wine, can anyone ask for more.... Thank you Ginny, Sue and the team who organised the event and made us feel so welcome.


  1. What fun! Music amongst books.... grand.

  2. oh my! that sounds wonderful, julie!! xoxo

  3. It's Always Interesting to experience music in novel Situations.


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