Monday, 10 January 2011

Working on collagraph plate. The only thing is I can't put it through a press to see how it's developing.  

I was hoping to start a 10 week printing course tonight at Colchester Institute, but it has been cancelled due to lack of interest... Gutted.


  1. How annoying! Well...let's say things happen for a reason...
    I like the beatles prints you've made. What ink do you use?
    Also ther is a link I want to share with you. If you are interested maybe you could contact them. You have to register before the 31st Jan. Unless you already know this organisation.

    Bye for now Julie!

  2. This looks stunning - I love her face, shall, and the wavy background. It is a shame you don't have access to a press right now! I truly miss my college printmaking classes. It is always a joy to see how your new prints will turn out!

  3. Hello Julie....I don't think you've seen the messages I've left...I want to start block printing fabric again after a couple of years gap, and not sure which ink to use...can you help please.....hoping that you are feeling better now, its a shame about the printing at the institute, I didn't know about it otherwise I might have joined. Ellen x

  4. Love this one It will look stunning when printed!!

    Join Cuckoo Farm the print workshop will help you and you can use their press. Buses do go past so you can get there.

  5. I absolutely adore the plate and your dolls. Reminds me of a photo of my grandmother.


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