Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I can't concerntrate on anything at the moment..

My sweet friend is in the St Helena Hospice...

So on this grey day I took myself off into Colchester to meet up with the girls at the Contemporary Craft group meeting held at the Firstsite gallery in Eld Lane. (More about that another time).
On my journey into town, I wander up Queen St, to my right is St Botolphs church it just peeps through the buildings, looking very grey and austere.....As luck would have it  I had my camera with me today.....And...No, I don't know the man in the hat!
Continue walking down towards it and your in for a treat.
I love the doorway it smiles at you in an upside down way... Inviting you to come and have a peek...
The surprise is when you round the corner to the left...

It is an wonderful early Norman  priory, built in flint and reused Roman brick, the church displays massive circular pillars and round arches and an elaborate west front.
The Priory was granted a charter by William Rufus, son of William the Conqueror, in C.1100. (He is buried in Winchester Cathedral if you needed to know).

It was the first House of the Augustinian Order in England
At the time of the dissolution of the monasteries the Priory suffered badly and in 1536 was largely demolished. 
It was later badly damaged by cannon fire during the Civil War siege of 1648. 

All that history..... And it's just around the corner from my bus stop.... How amazing is that!

Colchester never ceases to amaze me, how lucky I am to live just 20 minutes or so from all of this fabulous history and architecture... Inspiring... Collagraph knife at the ready...


  1. What a beautiful church. I'll pray for your friend and for you. Hugs!

  2. Thanks Julie for my lovely gifts you gave me at the contempary craft group. It was lovely to see you again, It seemed such a long time since our last meeting. Love the photos of Colchester, just shows what a magical place it is with all its interesting architecture to inspire any budding artist. You and your friend are in my thoughts. Oh and thanks for following my blog.

  3. I will have to go one day!I would love to go to a craft fair or art gallery with you.

  4. Oh Julie....these pictures are so serene and inspiring. I love your collagraph below...I learned so much reading your post. I knew nothing about them before. I am so sorry about your friend. Sending many

  5. What a lovely place; thanks for the tour!

  6. what is left is so incredibly beautiful; thank you for showing us this, julie. whenever i read about the dissolution i am blown away by the destruction that occurred. it seems hardly believable... xo


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