Friday, 7 January 2011

Hand printed. Slow cloth. Stag Beetles..

Still feeling horrid....Bored.... Concentration non existant... Nothing new there I hear you say.
This is all I could manage yesterday, thinking maybe I need to get the printing a little clearer...?  On the other hand I like it's random qualities, less production line, more hand made, definitely slow cloth....Slow motion cloth.



  1. Sorry you are still feeling horrid.....Wishing You Well ***** there is something lovely about the cloth xx

  2. I like the variation in the printing... gives it some depth. Like an African mud cloth, not perfect, but perfect!

  3. Hope you get better soon Julie...Christine was ill for three weeks. I left a comment and a question on your "lino cut bug post" you may not have seen it, I would be really gratefull of any ink info....I want to do some block printing on fabric and havn't done any for two years...then i was using the college ink....not sure what to buy, and Chris wants to experiment too.
    get well soon,
    Ellen x


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